How Much Rent Should You Pay for Your Office Space?

Image courtesy of Savatore Vuono

Rent paid for office space can be one of the most significant costs of operating a business, yet it is often difficult to determine if you are paying too much or too little.  This article provides a few tips to help you determine how much you should pay, as well as some advice on negotiating the rental provisions of your lease. Continue reading

Why Your Office Space May Be More Expensive Than You Think

Many tenants think that the rent they pay each year is calculated based on the area of the actual, physical space that they lease.  After all, that seems like the most logical approach.  Take the rent per square foot, multiply it by the area leased, and that should be the total rent paid for the year.  Right?  Not quite.

In fact, most office tenants pay rent for an area that is significantly larger than the actual space that they lease.  This larger area on which rent is paid (called the “Rentable Area” of the premises) includes, not just the actual space that is leased (the “Useable Area”) but also a share of the common areas of the building.

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