Who Can Own a Dental Practice? Anyone, in Some States.

A lawsuit recently filed against Aspen Dental Management, Inc. is shining a spotlight on state laws regarding who can, and cannot, own a dental practice.  The allegations of the plaintiffs in the Aspen lawsuit rely heavily on state laws prohibiting non-dentists, such as Aspen Management, from owning dental practices.  Unfortunately for the Aspen plaintiffs, however, these laws are no longer as widespread as they once were or as widespread as the suit alleges.  In some states, including Wisconsin, anyone, including a non-dentist, can own a dental practice.

At one time, the laws of most states prohibited corporations, like Aspen Management, from owning dental or medical practices.  The theory behind these laws was that only a person, not a corporation, could be licensed to practice medicine or dentistry and, therefore,

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The ABC’s of Service Corporations

Many dental practices are organized as service corporations. But what, exactly, is a service corporation, and what legal requirements apply to it? The following article provides answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is a service corporation?

In Wisconsin, a service corporation is a special type of corporation created for the purpose of carrying on a calling, trade or profession, such as dentistry, for which a license, certificate or registration is required.

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